Friday, June 29, 2007

Some Environmental Issues in Northern Mindanao

  • Mining

Nickel mining in Tubay. Coincidentally, a major fish preserve is located along this coast.

A news article for reference from the Cagayan de Oro newspaper:
October 2006:

  • Marine Conservation: Amag in Medina, Misamis Orientale.

Linricon Absuelo tells of the unidentified fish amag, in Medina. This fish is a few inches long, and has bioluminescent organs scattered on the body. The eye area may also bioluminesce. These fish were common in Medina, where they schooled at night, and were scoop netted by fishermen. Sounds like easy prey. According to Linricon, these fish have not been seen in Medina for approximately ten (10) years. Nuf sed.

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