Thursday, July 5, 2007

Silliman University Marine Laboratory

On July 5, we visited SU Marine Lab. William was full of questions about the aquaria:
  • Why don't other fish besides the clownfishes go to the anemones?
  • Why do clownfish stay close to the anemones?
  • What are the (gastropod molluscs) that clean the glass?
  • More
He was with his Mother at the time. I hope we can visit together so I can talk to him about these questions. It's obvious: William needs an aquarium.

I learned that in the PI, Millepora spp. are considered as weedy, hardy species that outlast the scleractinians. This runs counter to the suggestions of a coral researcher from Israel who stated "Millepora is the first to go." I learned Millepora are common on the NE end of Sumilon Island, off of Cebu.

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